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* Android BestShot® Engine version of part of the engine,FFmpeg libraries uses the LGPL license.

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Development of depth sensor devicePLANSYSTEM

Developed a new sensor device that generates depth information from disparity information. It is also possible to detect bones of people.

Development of applications to visualize movement of peoplePLANSYSTEM

Application using depth sensor device. Display the effect according to the movement of the person.

Proposal of use case of 360 degree photographing devicePLANSYSTEM

Proposed use case realized by 360 degree camera and verification of its feasibility.

Software implementation and verification experiment for improving Deeplerning performancePLANSYSTEM

Implementation of recognition program for verification, collection of learning data including actual image / CAD image and performance evaluation

Signal machine and sign recognition systemPLANSYSTEM

Constructed a system that uses Deep Learning (including learning and data collection) and detects traffic lights and signs.

Improvement of the real vehicle environment of automatic drivingPLANSYSTEM

We organize and solve environmental issues in evaluating the actual operation of automated driving.

Comparative evaluation of microcomputer for automatic operationPLANSYSTEM

We conducted environment construction and performance evaluation of each company’s automatic operation microcomputer, and reported comparison results.

Next Generation Automotive Network SimulationPLANSYSTEM

Examination and construction of simulators including communication standards that may be used in the future

Agent construction using AIPLANSYSTEM

Develop concept mock of agent to assist driver

Improvement of Driving Simulator for Driving Assistance PG EvaluationPLANSYSTEM

Performance / performance improvement of driving simulator to evaluate various driving support functions