Notice of signing agent agreement with Inuitive Ltd.

2018.04.19 | RanDido NEWS

Randido Inc. announces that it will conclude an authorized distributor agreement with Inuitive Ltd. at this time.​

Inuitive Ltd. utilized state-of-the-art 3D depth sensor, computer vision, image processor, etc.
Israel’s fabless semiconductor company that is designing and developing SoC products and projector products.

It is expected to produce significant synergistic effects for the expansion of the business of both companies.

In addition, emmmR Inc. (MAR), which develops and sells MR (Mixed Reality) products, which is our affiliated company,
And applications and middleware provided by Taiwan LIPS Corp., its strategic partner,
We will provide solutions based on depth information.

We incorporated Inuitive Ltd.’s technology into the planning, development and consulting of new products and services we have provided,
Since we are planning to develop proposals that meet customer needs more than ever, we appreciate your continued patronage.