Thank you very much for visiting “The 5th Live Entertainment EXPO”!

2018.03.08 | RanDido NEWS

“The 5th live entertainment EXPO” will be held from 21 (Wednesday) to 23 (Fri) on February 21, 2018
It was held in Makuhari Messe.

Emmm R Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Randido Corporation, will also exhibit
A total of three days’ event was actually attended by more than 28,000 people in all the venues and it ended in a great success.

To everyone who came all the way during the busy weekdays work, I would like to thank you for changing here. Thank you very much.

From emmmR, it integrated the 3DCG effect and real space displayed in real time according to the movement of the person
We exhibited “RTE (real-time effector)” that realizes MR

At the exhibition booth I thank many visitors for realizing and experiencing “RTE”.

We would like to make use of opinions, information, etc. that we have heard from everyone for future development of our products and suggestions to customers.

And we decided to open emmmR Co., Ltd. in “Content Tokyo 2018″ to be held next month!
It would be greatly appreciated if you could visit those who did not come this time.

Details will be expanded again later.

I look forward to your continued support.