I attended the “iqiyi 2018 festival”.

2019.01.22 | RanDido NEWS

In December 2018, our affiliated company emmR Inc. is a major Chinese Internet TV station,https://www.iqiyi.com)”
Since February, we have decided to become a regular program because of the popularity of the program “Tokyo Attack.”

This program was also designated as a program for next year’s program and invited to the year’s 2018 festival in Shanghai on the 16th of this month.
Amano, our representative, is here.



While walking on the red carpet, they announced the company contents and the contribution contents and signed and photographed with the wall.
Over 1.2 million people watched it and it became a good advertisement for Tokyo!

Also, in mid-February, we are pleased to announce the Japan Cable Television (JCTVhttp://www.jctv.co.jp).
We are planning to hold a joint press conference including

This year, we are aiming to further develop the Tokyo Attack and EmmR Corporation!